Mosaic Centre Living Wall

Alberta’s first net-zero commercial building, the priMED Mosaic Centre, fosters an upbeat working community for sustainably-focused companies. The concept is inspiring a province-wide revolution in workplace design and construction.

So when we began ongoing maintenance for the building’s current living wall, we were over the moon. We’re dedicated to creating healthy living spaces, and we’re proud to partner with similarly-minded companies. Our team nourishes, prunes and eliminates pests in all aspects of this large-scale and multi-faceted vertical garden.

Project Info

  • Year Ongoing
  • Type Living Wall
  • Location Commercial
Mosaic Centre Living Wall

19 Islands has nurtured and maintained our living wall, providing a vibrant, beautiful centrepiece for all to enjoy. The team’s passion for bringing life to spaces is evident in every aspect of their work.

Christy Benoit Mosaic Centre