Custom Home Aquarium

This homeowner faced an unusual dilemma: As an art lover with empty walls under his staircase, he couldn’t bear to leave the space as a blank canvas. The client knew it was an ideal place to build a custom home aquarium. If only he could find a contractor with the creativity and capabilities to make it a reality.

Luckily, he found us. And, we more than delivered on his imaginative idea. To fit in the wall, the fish tank had to be a triangular prism, which required a resourceful design and installation process. Visible through glass on both sides, the unique ocean rock we added reveals itself as you gaze at it from different angles. This custom home aquarium is now an undeniable showpiece in the client’s home.

Project Info

  • Year 2017
  • Type Aquarium
  • Location Residential
Large custom home aquarium under stairs

“Our family loves watching our 19 Islands aquarium thrive—it’s such a dynamic canvas, right at the centre of our home.

Harvey Rao Edmonton, AB