Custom Designed Aquariums

Build your aquarium

From residential fish tanks to expansive commercial installations, we’ve done it all when it comes to custom designed aquariums. Unconventional shapes, hundred-gallon structures, vibrant seascapes—tell us your ideas, and we’ll create a striking, seamless aquarium that will fascinate and inspire you, every day.

Measuring glass for a custom aquarium


Our ultra-clear Starphire® construction brings light and brilliance to your aquarium. Your underwater creatures and habitat will dazzle with true colour and clarity.

Custom aquarium in lobby of an office tower in Edmonton


A custom designed aquarium complements and beautifies its surroundings. Do you want to blend the structure into existing millwork, or create a free-standing statement piece? Our experienced technicians are equipped to do both.

Fish in a custom aquarium by 19 Islands


For your custom aquarium to thrive, livestock, equipment and water quality must work together in harmony. Our optimized biological and mechanical systems keep your ecosystem healthy and happy.

Custom Home Aquarium

This homeowner faced an unusual dilemma: As an art lover with empty walls under his staircase, he couldn't bear to leave the space as a blank canvas. The client knew it was an ideal place to build a custom home aquarium. If only he could find a contractor with the creativity and capabilities to make it a reality.

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