Aquarium Packages

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There’s an endless sea of pre-built aquarium systems out there. Luckily, we’ve filtered out our top aquarium packages and recommended them below. If you have another product in mind, give us a call or email, and we can stock it for you.

Red Sea MAX® Aquarium Systems

These aquariums have all the bells and whistles—sleek cabinetry, ultra-clear glass, lighting, filtration and circulation systems. Revel in the beauty of your own coral reef, without worrying about choosing components. Fill the aquarium with your seascape, plug it in and enjoy.

  • MAX® S-Series
  • MAX® E-Series

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Red Sea REEFER™ Aquarium Systems

Are you more of an advanced hobbyist? Then, these are the perfect aquariums for you. Ultra-clear glass, stylish cabinetry and a comprehensive water management system all come with the package. But, you can add your personal touch by installing custom lighting, filtration and circulation systems.

  • REEFER™ XL Concept
  • REEFER™ Deluxe Concept

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