Our Story

By land and sea

Natural art inspired by the Galápagos

Our story begins with a team of travellers and explorers who live for nature. Across all of our experiences, we’ve drawn inspiration from the great outdoors, along with the beautiful landscapes and abundant life within it.

We believe that nature should be an essential part of our everyday lives, especially in urban communities. Enthusiastic about plants and wildlife, our people bring living walls and aquariums to spaces.

That’s why we call ourselves 19 Islands—it’s a nod to the Galápagos, an otherworldly archipelago in South America, and a big part of our story. The birthplace of Darwin’s theory of evolution, the biodiversity found on these islands is a wonder to behold.

To us, the Galápagos is more than an exotic destination. It’s the reason we create natural art. It’s a thriving ecosystem that captures our imaginations. Its grace and grandeur inspires all that we do.

Fish in a custom aquarium by 19 Islands

Throughout Edmonton, we work with homeowners and businesses to bring the great outdoors indoors, sparking our community’s fascination with nature.


We bring light and life into commercial and residential spaces through the design, consultation, installation, maintenance and retail of aquariums, paludariums, living walls and other unique living features.


We create moments of serenity in daily life by connecting people with nature.


We’ll nurture a stronger dialogue about living features in urban spaces by curating 19,000 square feet of thriving havens by 2029.


Vigilant We’re attentive and think about the future. Our natural installations aren’t just beautiful for today—they’re sustainable for many years to come.

Inner Game We’re always learning about the latest advances in aquariums and living walls. To us, self-improvement is a lifestyle choice, not just a work metric.

Passionate We actually really like bringing life to spaces; you can call us on it. Our innate enthusiasm is evident in every natural installation we create.

Straight Up Our advice is always candid and focused on your needs. We’re nature hobbyists, too—we get that you want the real deal.